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Thursday, May 18, 2006

sense of humour

When you watch Top Gear, Rowan Atkinson, you give out loud guffaws with their so-called British dry humour.

When you are watching Simpsons, you laugh yourself silly at Homer's silly antics, when you read Archie, you marvel at their ability to churn out good, clean, corny-yet-I-can't-live-without-it jokes all over the years.

Stephen Chow, you sometimes ridicule his slapstick humour and yet he has prevailed.

To people like Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Chow, humour is a science. You won't catch them in their goofy selves after the director shouts 'cut'.

British have got Rowan Atkinson, the America have... the Simpsons, Hong Kong they have Stephen Chow, back in home we have our very own.... LAT!!!

Lat never failed to make me laugh with his creations, and he is quite a jovial person in real life too. To quote him on his brand of humour "if the intention is not good, or it hurts people, then don't do it". Bravo.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

a short one

why is it you can sing better in your car than in red box?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Posting after almost a year

Gosh… I am surprised that I can still haul my lazy ass and start posting again… I wanted to start posting once I get the connection at my new place up and going, but judging by the way TM work, I’d better forget about my plans.

Anyway, here I am…

Sad to say, it is not a good reason that spurred me to start posting again. I am stuck in a rut again, the same problem that plagued me and dearest is back to haunt us. I won’t go into what is the root of the problem here, but rather my helplessness when shit happens.

I don’t know who to go to when shit happens… my friends that I used to call? I lost touch with them so long ago after my previous relationship, as a friend, of course they would listen to me but… there are just so many things that I have to update them with in order for them to understand where I am coming from. Anyway, is it such a good thing to let your good friend listen to your rants out of the blue?

Therefore, I will always be stuck on my bed, with thousands and thousands of thoughts rushing through my head, but the people to go to seems so limited, and it is not helping that I can’t sort things out on my own…

Does posting helps?

Friday, July 29, 2005


I am a very impatient driver.


It always fascinates me that why is it that the people in front have to drive slowly in the fast lane, why is it that there are some ppl who non-chalantly change gear only when the lights turn green, why is it that people will block those at the back just for their own convenience? why...

I have been working for 3 weeks now, and I have to go through rush hour traffic everyday, what and it is always some idiot who is too slow to merge lanes or some one who is cutting lanes that is holding everyone up, so, apart from annoyed by their inconsiderateness, there is always something running in my mind that where we can overcome traffic congestion.

lets face it... we are not traffic specialist, so, even though we spend a large portion of our time on the road everyday, we do not really know what is the best way to overcome traffic congestion, namely, what is the best driving style for avoiding congestions and so on and so forth, sure, it will spark debates in the kopitiam when ppl start talking about traffic congestions, those who have been driving for some time, especially...

should our government instill the proper driving ethics into the mind of drivers instead of those outdated, inadequate training they provide to young drivers these days?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

funny bone in a female

A quick post.

Cheryi is a funny girl, she once saw WALD tuned Nissan March with an enormous spoiler, she remarked on that expensive piece of plastic and asked me:"what is that for? to hang the car up?"

Never once in my wildest imagination she will say that.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

last day of my freedom

this is the last day of my carefree life, going to start work tomorrow...
I am on my own!!
then again, what prompts me to write this post is not because I am unhappy that I formally step into another stage of life tomorrow, I am actually quite looking forward to it.

I thought I will spend my very last day as a student/loafer lazing around the house, thinking of the bigger issues in life, gosh am I wrong!! I was working my ass of as production assistant at Mystic Entertainment...


I was reading my routine sunday paper just now, and there is an interview of one of my favourite columnist. he is noted because of his sharp and witty comments, and he is one of the most well read person around. With impressive arsemal of knowledge, it just empowers him with the right to poke fun, commment and make examples of just everything.

Reading that interview sparks a little something in my mind...

Eyebrows are raised among a few of my friends regarding my first job, since it is not related to what I studied, well, I chose this job because it pays fairly well, and... I am little bit sick of design... just little :)) I was thinking, my field of study my conflict with my field of endeavour, so are a lot other people, just that they switch fields later.... so to empower yourself in your working world.... you have to read... and read.

sometimes, reading a newspaper does really make you stop and think...

I tend to snap at people. The article I read just before I felt like snapping made me stop. to summarise the article, it asks to focus on people's good points instead of their bad one, I really was on the verge of telling people off before that, yes, i might have the plausible reason to do so, and the person is in the wrong, but what use is that? we are not perfect, maybe that shortcoming that I am going to shoot is compensated with something more uniqute, better? I am not perfect either, what about the time when ppl are tempted to shoot me and they stopped in their tracks? Hmm...

But is it really good to focus on ppl's good points instead of their bad ones? they are the ppl close to you, and when they have done wrong, of course you would want to point it out so that they can reflect on themselves... just put the message across with tact...

aiks, confused lah... going to sleep now.

why my last day of freedom is such a tiring one?

Thursday, July 07, 2005


After a hearty lunch and a satisfying cool glass of oolong tea, grandpa yi-shen settled down on his favorite rattan chair in the garden, took a long deep breath at his sisha and continued:

Under the tutorage of Mitsubishi, brother Proton started his endeavor in engineering, as many other students his age, Proton sat through his foundation class in this new and exciting field, although he is not able to utilize his engineering know how to satisfy his creativity yet, he did manage to provide simple and practical engineering solutions for his folks at home.
His parents were so proud of him; they even started to decline the services from the NeepPong family, daddy is confident that his pride and joy is a fast learner, judging by the amount of people who sought Proton’s service in the neighborhood. Little did daddy know though, that being the head of the neighborhood, all his subordinates supports his decisions, although sometimes they do find his decisions a tad drastic, they fundamentally believes that the intention of the village head is for the benefit of the neighborhood. To ensure that Proton can finish his engineering degree and secure the services of the neighborhood, daddy imposed a slight penalty to those who sought the services of NeepPong, gradually, Proton has a stable customer base which comprises of people who needs practical engineering solution at an affordable price, although the quality might be compromised a little bit, but they don’t seem to mind…

“but grampa, why impose a penalty to those who sought the services of NeepPong? Why not let Proton compete with the NeepPong boys at the same level? Why must he prop up the price on purpose?”

“Hey boy, what would you say if I ask you to have a game of Gran Turismo X with Jack next door?”

“No way! He bought that game 4 months ago, whereas I have that game only a week ago, but I would like to give it a shot if he gave me a 3 second handicap..”

“Precisely, that was on the mind of Proton’s dad by then, by the way, he is a well behaved boy in the neighborhood, and people don’t seem to mind his slightly inferior service, moreover, he is able to provide his services at their very doorstep. Those customers of Proton want a local boy to succeed at becoming an engineer too you know…”

Proton was already ten when Perodua was born…

“Grampa, does the name of dua in the name of Perodua denotes second?”

“You bet it does.”